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All About Us


What We Believe

We feel that when you finally have that opportunity to sit down by your tv, whether it be by yourself after a hard day at work to watch your favorite Tv Show, with  family and friends to watch the latest Sporting Events or snuggling up with that special someone to watch a Movie, you should be able to watch what you want, when you want, anytime..


Not Just A Job

Everyone here at BetterTv has a passion for what we do! We LOVE Tv, its just that simple! For us, it doesn't get any better than being able to share with you what we believe to be a better tv experience. We want to make Tv fun again 😊


Happy Customers

Our customers come to us looking for a better tv experience. For some  that's just being able to watch all the Movies and Tv Shows they want, and for others its about saving  money off their monthly cable or satellite bill. When we leave your home, rest assured, that you will have a smile on your face!

Our Services

What We Do

We will come to your home, explain and show you all the different Tv options available to you, and help you decide which services work best for your Tv watching experience. We also help you set up your home network to assure you a superior connection not only for your tv but for all you're computers, phones and streaming devices as well!  


Tv And Phone

There are no packages to choose from, watch all the latest movies, tv shows or channels you want to watch. There are no contracts or early termination fees. Cancel anytime you want! Watch what you want, when you want, anytime!   By the way, did we mention that we offer FREE phone service as well!


Home Network

We evaluate your current home network and optimize your router settings for speed and security. We also analyze all your connected streaming devices  on your network and make suggestions on ways to better their performance.

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Schedule an appointment today and one of our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to explain how we can help you to have a better tv experience, and save you money while doing it! 

We make TV fun again! 


570 North Broad Street, Suite 4, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208

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